Alumni ACES—Alumni Committed to Employing Students
    The mission of the ACES program is to recognize alumni who dedicate their time and efforts to the career success of both our current students and fellow alumni.
    All alumni participating in the campaign will be recognized:
    Participation in three or more categories: Bronze ACE
    Participation in four or more categories:  Silver ACE
    Participation in five or more categories:  Gold ACE
    Participation in six or more categories OR Hiring a BLS Graduate into a permanent position: Platinum ACE
    Participation in less than three categories: Honorable Mention

    First Name required
    Last Name required
    Primary E-mail
    Class Year: required
    Business Name:
    Job Title:
    Preferred Mailing Address: required
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    Please select one or more from the following categories:
    Participated in mock interviews
    Served as a mentor through the BLS Alumni Mentor Program
    Participated in a BLS career-related program
    Hosted a student for a one-week shadow program
    Participated in a BLS pro bono project
    Participated in an informational interview with a student
    Sponsored a student or graduate to attend a networking event or CLE program
    Provided a letter of recommendation for a student
    Hosted or sponsored a Career Center program
    Taught a career-related workshop
    Listed a paid position for summer or during the school year
    Provided an internship
    Hosted a recipient of the BLS Post-Graduate Fellowship
    Hired a graduate into a permanent position
    Joined the BLS ACES LinkedIn page
    Participated as a Moot Court Judge
    Referred a student to a job opportunity
    Helped a student land an interview
    Listed a permanent position
    Supervised an intern in an internship-externship
    Guest lectured in an academic setting at the Law School
    Sat on a voluntary Board or Council at the Law School
    Other (please specify):